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Brand Strategy & Communication

How do you use design to challenge 'business as usual'?

The Challenge

Luolai Home Textiles is China's No.1 soft furnishings franchise with over 3000 stores. However, with 25 years of trade across the diverse niches of China, the brand was in danger of diluting, splitting and cannibalising sales.

Luolai felt that they simply needed a graphic uplift and then carry on with business as usual, but we found that the fractures went far below the surface. 

The Journey


We held a workshop with the Board of Directors to understand the heart of the brief. It was clear that there was a disconnect between the brand and the business. The brand did not describe a business vision and the business overstretched the brand.


Design Strategy

Industrial Design


IMG_4475 copy.jpg

The Result

3000+ Divergent Store Graphics into 6 Consistent Communication Channels.

1 Vision for All Franchisees.

Endorsement by A-List Celebrity:

Gao Yuanyuan 

Working with Luolai's leaders we stood back and stripped away years of organic growth. We audited existing customer and market research and rebuilt the Luolai brand as an umbrella over 6 complementary products and services. With firm foundations, we repackaged the business with an articulate brand and communication templates for billboards through to price tags.


Luolai Home Textiles celebrated the launch of the new brand with campaigns staring A-list actress and model Gao Yuanyuan.

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