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L Living

Product Design & Branding

How do you capture the imagination of a rapidly changing Chinese market?

The Challenge

L Living is a new business founded on the shoulders of China's leading homeware franchise: Luolai Group. To stay ahead of the curve, the Group needed a new brand that would connect with the world's fastest-growing middle-class consumers.


Our challenge was to keep pace while grounding the business in something concrete.

The Journey

IMG_2206_1 copy copy_web_edited.jpg

Rapid developments in China have brought with it a younger, cosmopolitan and internationalistic attitude where ideas are spread quickly across social platforms. Inspired by this fervent media consumption, we defined a direction that was as high impact and conducive to change. We called it 'Living in a Magazine' and it allowed consumers to imagine a dream space and stay receptive to seasonal ideas.


Design Strategy

Industrial Design


The direction led to a Store Flow and Communications Strategy with a hierarchy that ensured a clear filter of information. Just like a magazine the aim was to provoke interest and then draw customers into the detail.


The Results

"They brought Logic and a way of thinking into everything we do"

Fiona Caulfield, CCO

5 Furniture Collections

65 Furniture Items

3 Store Design Concepts

We worked closely with L Living for 3 years to define the name, identity, furniture collections and store experience of the new business. We worked hands-on to develop 65 items of furniture and supported the role out 3 franchise stores and 2 trade exhibitions.

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