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Close Parent

Product Design & Branding

How do you penetrate the market with far-out ideas?

The Challenge

Close was originally two brands with separate offers. The business was onto something great with a reusable nappy system and an intuitive wraparound carrier however, it needed to break perception barriers to get into the eye-line of major retailers and grow its routes to market.

The Journey

L1130808 copy reduced_edited_edited.jpg
IMG_7487 copy_edited.jpg

We spoke to parents and found that while the benefits resonated well, the styling felt 'new age', the safety features were hard to see, and they needed a hand getting over the 'eww factor' of reusable diapers.

P1040071 copy reduced.jpg

Design Strategy

Industrial Design


Design Strategy

Industrial Design


After unifying the brand with a core set of values, we redesigned the products, sourced new suppliers, and designed a new print collection that shifted focus away from poop connotations.


The Results

Buy in From All Major Retailers.

5-Fold Range Extension.

Multiple Industry & Consumer Awards.

The change had an immediate effect with all major UK retailers including John Lewis and Mothercare stocking the products. Close now sets the industry standard and continues to bring far-out ideas into the mainstream.

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