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10 Years of Award-Winning Consumer Goods and Identities

for the World’s Leading

Home and Family Brands.

Our Story

Products and brands become vital necessities when creating a new home or starting a family.

We specialise in translating the needs of people as they go through transformative stages in life and respond with commercial products and brands that make a difference.

Established in 2009 by the lead in-house design team behind Mamas & Papas, the studio now has over 15 years of international expertise in the home and family sector.

Our in-house experience means that we understand your side of the line, and our out-house practice means we can stand back and help you see what is truly meaningful.

Our Process




Find the

White Space.


Helping your business to stand back, find an opportunity and commercialise it.

→  Roadmap Workshop.

→  Consumer & Competitor Mapping.

→  Naming & Market Penetration Strategy.

→  Design Strategy.



The Right Shape for

the Right Ideas.


Materialising the idea into a

targeted identity and product.


→  Branding.

→  Homeware & Furniture.

→  Industrial Design.

→  Family, Kids & Pet Products.





Make it Real and

Market Worthy.


Working with you and your suppliers to make the right commercial balance.

→  Specifications.

→  Factory Liaison & Development.

→  Pitch Presentations & Prototypes.

→  Style Guides and Templates.


Cross-Category Clients. From Seattle to Shanghai.

SME'S to Fortune 500.


Get in touch

Narrative Studio

Suite 106, Pillbox Studios

115 Coventry Road, London

E2 6GG

United Kingdom


+44 (0) 20 7193 5094

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